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What You Need to Know About Mammograms!

Routine screening mammograms are also a recommended option for even earlier detection of breast cancer that may be present, even before a lump may be felt. The American Cancer Society recommends the following for women at an average risk level of developing breast cancer:

Ages 40-44 have the option of getting a routine mammogram on an annual basis

Ages 45-54 should have mammograms every year

Ages 55 and older can continue the yearly mammograms or switch to an every other year cycle as long as they are in good health and expected to live longer than the next 10 years from that point

Mammograms can help detect breast cancer at an early stage, the point when treatment will be most effective. They are not perfect, and may miss a tumor or present a misdiagnosis in some cases. In order to determine what next steps to take, talk to your physician or oncologist.

For more information on risk assessment and what to do for routine screening as a high risk patient, visit the following link for more information:

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